V Café - You deserve a tasty snack every day!

The second floor of the Kvartal Centre is home to V Café, a cosy and romantic Parisian café. Its delicious dishes are prepared in chef Mihkel Manglus’ kitchen just as carefully as in the top restaurant Joyce. The café is adapted to the fast pace of urban living – we want to give you high-quality meals even when you are busy.

V Café has both healthy and decadent choices in its menu. Starters, main dishes, beverages, and of course our cakes, already famous across Tartu. Every day, V Café has a surprise: affordable and exquisite specials.

There is a fun corner for kids, where the smallest members of the family can learn how to set a table and make coffee or a smoothie. Of course, the corner also comes with toy cars and books filled with wisdom!