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Hotelli kodukord

Paneme kallitele külalistele südamele, et V Spaahotellis ei ole lemmikloomad lubatud.
Reeglite rikkumise korral rakendub trahv 200€/lemmiklooma kohta.

Tubades suitsetamine on keelatud!

Reeglite rikkumise korral rakendub trahv 200€.


5 star ratingOur favourite spa in Estonia We have been visiting VSpa couple of times and have never been disappointed. The spa centre and excellent choice of saunas, clean and beautiful rooms, very helpful and friendly staff delicious breakfast and superb location, connected to the shopping centre.... loe edasi

Eva V Avatar
Eva V

5 star ratingKalle Pruuden wqmncxoiqnwclA XCWKLQM C JC WKQNFCJWAKLL CWMCACMWOQIMCD mclkmwdocimcwmqdiucncoqmdcoimcdenvcmocm modmvcd cmpwioeemcü c iüdck iomc m qenuio jk miümioceoidvckmdvce dvc m eoikdcekmveorüimv vvcmriomepofvqpioerkvfqi

Global65473805501 Avatar

4 star ratingGood Spa was too crowded. Otherwise the place was perfect. Delicious breakfast, nice room and big bathroom. Recommend to put toothpaste and toothbrushes also in the bathroom. It was very good that we had Coffee machine in our room.

Passport46580783353 Avatar