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5 star ratingPerfect! Very friendly and helpful! Breakfast was good. Bed was perfect. Kids and I loved bath and coloured light inside. Spa was a delight and all the saunas where nice. It was comfortable and nice family leave. I plan to visit again!

Kadri K Avatar
Kadri K

4 star ratingОТДЫХ понравилось: отзывчивый персонал, завтраки, новые большие номера, спа зона с многочисленными саунами, и джакузи,и небольшого бассейна, Не понравилось: нет большого бассейна+ все-таки дороговато,и нет собственной парковки

Guide26255791930 Avatar

5 star ratingall good this is very good place to visit , nice service, clean rooms, bathroom. spa are clean and nice. have many space. it was very romantic weekend with each other, so we will come back some day again. thank you vpsa!

Dream40138804534 Avatar