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5 star ratingРомантический отдых Это был незабываемый отдых в чудесном СПА-отеле в прекрасном номере для двоих, но туда можно также подселить и 1-2 детей, т.к. есть раскладной диван с дополнительным бельём. Завтрак входит в стоимость проживания.

Наталья Ж Avatar
Наталья Ж

5 star ratingTop Hotel Top Hotel, even it was only for 1 night, but the hotel service was perfect, Room was like a Hilton room, Spa was top, you have found all what you need there, many pools, saunas, Restaurant was very good only... loe edasi

HansOlafHeiseler Avatar

5 star ratingThere when I needed it. I arrived on a bicycle at 11.50pm. The receptionist was really helpful with everything as I was so tired I couldn't think fully and could hardly stand up. The room was really comfortable and the hotel had more than I needed.

Freedom53336398112 Avatar