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Spa package “Take your time to enjoy life” with treatments

Why are you always hurrying and rushing around? Just like the waters of the River Emajõgi, forever destined to flow between its banks, not stopping for a moment. There is always time for you at the brand new V spa hotel complex with the biggest spa centre of South Estonia. Good people. Good mood. Good health. Imagine the gentle heat of the sauna world, the refreshing stimulation of the relaxation world, and the caress of the salt world. The Wellness treatments that remind you to be present in the moment. After finishing the breakfast made by our chefs who are true magicians in the kitchen, everything around you will be fresh, beautiful, and memorably elegant. Just like you. Yes, this is exactly the kind of holiday you have been waiting for.

Package price includes:

The four-star superior room at the V spa and conference hotel is ideal for a romantic getaway. Suitable to couples as well as families who wish to have a nice rest at the freshest spa hotel of South-Estonia.

vjoyce100Breakfast is served: Mon-Fri 7.00-10.00 and Sat-Sun 8.00-11.00

The hotel guests can conveniently go to one of the biggest spa centres in Estonia directly from their rooms. The spacious and cosy pool and sauna world with a glass roof is located on the 4th floor of the hotel.

Four relaxing and healing saunas await the guests of the sauna world of the V Spa: a wood-fired sauna, juniper sauna, Russian banya, and steam sauna. In addition to that, you can enjoy one-of-a-kind body, rain, and tropical showers at the shower world where there is also a cascade and an ice bucket. Aside from the complete sauna and shower experience, the cold water pool at the sauna world offers the possibility to harden your body or just cool yourself down.

Spa centre is available:
On day of arrival at 4–10 p.m. (until 8 p.m. on Sunday)
On day of departure at 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
PS. The regular maintenance day of the spa centre takes place on the last Monday of every month. On the maintenance days, the spa centre is closed throughout the day!
Since 2018, the maintenance days will take place on the first Monday of every month!

There are two places for relaxing and taking care of your health at the salt world: the salt rock sauna and salt steam sauna. The salt pool of the salt world offers a unique opportunity to float on the surface of the water in between the trips to different saunas. Floating is one of the best relaxing therapies. The salty pool is good for the metabolism, rejuvenates the skin, alleviates joint and muscle inflammations, promotes blood circulation, helps to fight stress, sleep disorders, and anxiety.

  • Express manicure 30 min
  • Peppermint foot treatment 30 minutes
  • À la carte body scrub 30 minutes
    This 30-minute ritual is a perfect pause for anyone who wants their skin to have that radiant healthy glow. The scrub is applied with a relaxing massage and removes all excess from your skin while refreshing both body and spirit. The natural scrub is chosen on spot depending on the season and the prefeances of the guest.

NB! Does not include special events.
Party programmes and opening times of the club:

PS. It is possible to visit the nightclub on days when the nightclub is open. Hotel guests have free access to the nightclub until 01:00 upon presentation of the room card and room card cover!


Price per room from Sun-Thu starting from: 167€
Price per room from Fri-Sat: 182€

The hotel has the right to offer higher prices than the price range on extra-high-demand dates.

  • Additional fee for staying in the room alone from Sun-Thu between: €141-€156 per night
  • Additional fee for staying in the room alone from Fri-Sat: €178 per night
  • Additional fee for a deluxe room: €15 per night
  • Extra fee for a suite: €150 per night

Prices for children:

  • free for children aged 5 and under
  • 34 €/per night for children aged 6-15
  • 49 €/per night for children aged 16 and over
    PS. Prices for children do not include treatments.

The price of an extra bed includes unlimited access to the salt- and sauna world (except treatment)

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