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5 star ratingAmazing!! I had an amazing weekend here! Staff was very nice, also the room was clean and really pretty!😍😩 Also hotel is in perfect location! For breakfast there were many options! Sad I had to leave😕 I will come back deffinitely!!

Elīza L Avatar
Elīza L

5 star ratingEverything was perfect! The services started the second you entered the hotel and lasted until the end. Every employee was polite and greeted you with a smile. The communication was flawless and they always provided the information you needed. The restaurants, spa, room,... loe edasi

Tore L Avatar
Tore L

5 star ratingотличный отель Не работала спа-зона, но об этом предупреждали заранее, при этом могли бы сгладить отсутствие услуги комплиментом.
Мешали спать подростки ночью, которые вышли из ночного клуба. Очень сильно морозил кондиционер и мы его отключили, поэтому открыли окна

ptichka65 Avatar